Study abroad in Paris: May 27-June 14

For two weeks, you can experience what it’s like to live in Paris. Enjoy the cuisine at local cafes and attend faculty-led classes outside of classrooms. Students have the free time most evenings and every Friday through Sunday so they can explore the city, visit all the famous attractions, or have an adventure of your own in one of Europe’s many beautiful countries.

The Memory of War

Spend 2 weeks in Paris and a week in Normandy and earn credit for History 301 and French 301 (taught in English and can be used as upper-level social science/ humanities credits ). Explore the World War I Battlefields, Paris under Nazi Occupation, the Holocaust in France, D-Day Landing Beaches, French Novels and Films.

For more information, contact Dr. Fogg, Dr. Langston or Stephane Menand.