Icelandic Landscape

I think one of my favorite things about Iceland has been the landscape. It is absolutely stunning! Iceland is an island created by volcanic and glacial activity. Iceland is situated on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, where the North American and Eurasian … [Continue reading]

Iceland Road Trip Day 4!

The latter half of our Iceland trip consisted of a road trip around the country. I absolutely loved getting to see the different small towns and communities throughout Iceland, the beautiful landscape, and the history and setting of the literature we … [Continue reading]

Iceland 2017: First Time Traveler

Iceland has always been one of dream trips. I am not sure whether it was the thought of vikings, the wonderful music, or the way it is shown in the movies that persuaded me to travel here, but I am here, nonetheless. Being able to study abroad not … [Continue reading]


April 1, 2017 Jordan Pryor: Our final day in Bolivia was spent at ruins close to Lake Titicaca called Tiwanaku. I enjoyed getting to be outside to experience the different climate while also getting to see and hear about the culture of the ancient … [Continue reading]

Lupalaya and Lake Titicaca

March 31, 2017 Lauren Reynolds: Today was incredible. We met for breakfast at 7am and were on the road with by 8am to Lupalaya to see Lake Titicaca, scope out a possibility for a future water project, and visit the children at the orphanage there. … [Continue reading]

Last Day of Spanish Class

March 30, 2017 Lauren Reynolds: Today was the last day of classes! It was really fun because we did 3 hours of tutoring and then got to end an hour early to play a Spanish game and eat salteñas! I was absolutely terrible at the game but it was fun … [Continue reading]

A Visit to UMSA

March 29, 2017 Connor Yarnall: My day began with another Spanish lesson; however, we had to cut this one short for a meeting with the chancellor of UMSA. UMSA is a large university in La Paz with eighty thousand students. We went to one of their … [Continue reading]

Viva Bolivia!

March 28, 2017 Lauren Reynolds: Today was a beautiful day because I got to pick what we ate and that was salteñas! I love salteñas. If you're reading this, you probably read my introduction, which mentioned that I had been to Bolivia before, so … [Continue reading]

Day Eight – Highlights and Photo Gallery

The discoveries were rampant on Day Eight - outcrops, fossils, modern history, and...a float … [Continue reading]

Days Six and Seven – Iguanas and Coral; Stromatolites and Slime

San Salvador shows us glimpses of both a beautiful tropical paradise and a rugged and, at times, harsh landscape. At no time (so far) has this dichotomy been more apparent than the difference between Day Six and Day Seven on the Island. On Day … [Continue reading]