Traveling, in Retrospect

By Rosamond Hoyle

I would be lying if I did not say I was scared for the majority of this trip. I was scared when I got on the plane in Kansas City, I was scared when I got separated from the group on the Paris Metro, I was scared when I arrived in Annecy and my host family swept me off to a party and vigorously interrogated me about my life in French. This fear led me again and again to question if I was doing the right thing. Why had I spent all this money to go on a trip that put me in positions in which I was uncomfortable, nervous, and home-sick? [Continue reading]

The Adventures of a Foreign Land

By Hayley Carroll. Planes, trains, buses, and taxis. Everywhere I look, there are people. The streets are constantly filled with cars and bikes and the sidewalks are filled with busy people navigating their way through the crowd. Horns honk … [Continue reading]

A Life-Changing Three Weeks

By Katie Werth Getting to be in Annecy for three weeks was one of the most amazing things I have ever done. Being the student that knew the least amount of French in the group, I was very scared about living with a host family and not being able … [Continue reading]

The Construction of French Cultural Identity in the Pantheon

By Alexandra Womack On May 27, 2015, a somber procession made its way to the Pantheon of Paris. It was bringing the coffins of four members of the French Resistance, including two women, Germaine Tillion and Geneviève de Gaulle-Anthonioz–whose … [Continue reading]

Exploring Lyon

  The Miners study abroad program took a trip to spend a day in the city of Lyon with other students from our IFALPES school. This is the second biggest city in France and is very different from other places we have visited. We were able to … [Continue reading]

The London Experience

By Audrey Hofherr London is a city with history buried all around it with customs and cultures that have evolved over the centuries. For anyone who visits, it is an experience into both the past and the future of what a city and country has been … [Continue reading]

The View

By Rosamond Hoyle I grew up for a time in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and I visited the Andes in Peru when I was 11. I am familiar with the beauty of mountains but I had no idea just how stunning and subtly different the Alps in Annecy would … [Continue reading]

A Whole New World

By Darci Graefser This morning I was reminded that today officially marks the halfway point of my France study abroad experience, and honestly, it is very bittersweet information. I do not think that anyone could have accurately warned me about … [Continue reading]

From Paris to Annecy

By Ashley Crannick I have officially finished my first week in Annecy! What an amazing adventure so far. In the beginning, I was a little timid about staying with a host rather than living alone or with the group that I came here with. Living with … [Continue reading]

Friday in Paris

By Katie Werth Friday in Paris [May 29] was an incredibly fun day! We met one of Mme Langston's friends, Drew Flanagan. He gave us a very interesting lecture on colonial expositions in Paris, which occurred in the late nineteenth and early … [Continue reading]