It’s the first time that I have tried snorkeling; it is totally new to me. I put on my mask, snorkel, fins and life jacket and go!

When I put my head into the water, I feel the world stop and I can just hear the sound of sea water. At first, I held Dr. [Daniel] Stutts’ arm all the way when we were snorkeling, then I became relaxed and felt more comfortable. What a beautiful scene! I saw many fish and corals. Dr. Stutts dove deep and got many sea snails for me to look at. I’ve never seen such beautiful living creatures!

What is most important for today is that we saw a sting ray and barracuda! The sting ray is an interesting guy who has a unique shape and stays close to the bottom of water, his long thin tail shakes and helps him move. The barracuda we saw is very big, about one meter, his color is similar to the sea water, which you can not easily find. I try to use my fins to move quickly to keep up with the barracuda, but he is so fast and finally disappears.