The London Experience

By Audrey Hofherr

Audrey at ParliamentLondon is a city with history buried all around it with customs and cultures that have evolved over the centuries. For anyone who visits, it is an experience into both the past and the future of what a city and country has been and will evolve into. The city not only holds modern attractions such as the London Eye, but also the Tower of London, started almost 1,000, years ago. The city has an outlay that is old and jumbled but at the same time accessible for modern technology. It holds new pizza places next to the three-hundred-year-old bars. London, for me, has been an experience that has allowed me to stand where the founders of Great Britain have stood, to see the greatest Audrey having tea2treasures that England’s royalty has, and to hear Shakespeare is it was originally played. The trip has let me see through the eyes of kings, touch the same walls as thousands of people for hundreds of years. The city of London has opened my eyes to where civilizations and cities have started and how they have evolved into the cities we know today. It has shown me the way insular culture became influenced by the Romans, Anglo Saxons, Vikings, and Normans to become something new and unlike any other country or city in the world. The country itself is the original melting pot of cultures and customs, coming together at a much slower rate to become the example for other cities, the original empire. London has been changed into a modern city but the remains of its past are all around and underneath what has been built in a place where people have gathered and lived in for more than two thousand years.