Day Three – Highlights and Photo Gallery

The blue Centre trucks, gassed up and ready to haul researchers all over the Island.


First stop today: the beautiful Bluff. This area was hit hard by Hurricane Joaquin in 2015.


The class observes biology within the geology – fossilized and modern (living) organisms.


Geologist Alisia.


To give an idea of Joaquin’s destruction: all the boulders the class traipsed through were once next to the shore. Massive energy occurred to displace this landscape so.


A little further up from the Bluff, the students sketched cross-sections of the formations and their fossilized and modern biota.


Geologist Sixuan. (photo credit: Cherie Telker)


Geologist Emma. Emma brought along measuring instruments to look at characteristics of cerion snails. Her research project includes comparing fossilized and modern cerion to gain insight into past (paleo) environments vs. present ones. (photo credit: Cherie Telker)


All the geologists, examining the formation with hand lenses. (photo credit: Cherie Telker)


Lunch in the field – dubbed The Palms Restaurant by Dr. Wronk.


The Lighthouse.


Group photo at The Lighthouse.


The hike to North Point Peninsula.


The classroom at North Point to end our day in the field. Not too shabby….